1. Qingzhou Katop Construction Machinery Factory was founded and the major products included lifting machinery and concrete machinery.

2. To adjust organization structure, we established a lifting machinery company, a concrete machinery company and a road construction machinery company. Then we started production of building hoist, tower crane, wheel loader and concrete machinery. Our production efficiency was also significantly improved.

3. Newly-developed JZC350 concrete mixer and ZL08 wheel loader passed the ministerial approval and were put into mass production. We also succeeded in trial production of new products including JS500 concrete mixer and QTZ20 tower crane.


1. Shandong Katop steel structure limited company was established.

2. We obtained the ISO9001 quality system certificate.

3. Our redesigned QT25 tower crane was successfully erected.

4. We held a review meeting about QTZ31.5 tower crane and approved the design and production scheme of it on the meeting. Later, it became one of our leading products.


1. Wheel loader pulse assembly line officially started to work.

2. We successfully trial-produced QTZ40 tower crane, HBT60 concrete pump and PLD800 concrete dosing machine. Moreover, QTZ40 tower crane obtained provincial approval. 

4. Trial production of Bulldozer and Backhoe loader  was successful.


1. Our modified design on QTZ25 tower crane and universal design of joint between the winch and the chassis won science and technology development award for young workers of Shandong province.

2. TC5013 tower crane was successfully developed and put on the market. We also developed SC200 construction hoist with a large cross section.

3. Four units QTZ40 tower cranes were exported to Algeria.


1. QTZ63 tower crane was successfully developed and put on the market.

2. We successfully developed TC5610 tower crane, PLD1200 dosing machine with three hoppers and SCD200/200P construction hoist and put them on the market

3. We succeeded in trial-producing JS750 concrete mixer.


1. SCD200/200P construction hoist with frequency converter, JZM350 mixer with friction wheel, moment limiter for tower crane, TC5710 tower crane and ZX-6T load lifting limiter all passed the provincial approval.

2. We successfully launched our ZL30 wheel loader and excavator in Qingzhou, where Caterpillar enjoyed geographic advantages.


1. Our overseas business development department was established. We attempted to sell our products on the internet for the first time.

2. Our major products including QTZ40 and TC5610 tower crane and SC200/200 construction hoist were rewarded as "Users Satisfying Products".

3. For overall arrangement of our production facility, we built a painting factory with 2,000 square meters and put it into use.


1. We succeeded in trial production of Tractor and Forklift. TC5710 tower crane was put on the market.

2. We made some progress on foreign market expanding . Our products were sold to Nigeria, Sri Lanka, Jordan and Vietnam for the first time.


With more emphasis on Katop brand building, we set up a after-sales service center, which also optimized our customer service.


Shandong Katop Mining Machinery limited company was established.


1. Our production potential was further unleashed. We were able to product 6 units wheel loader and 2 units excavator  every day.

2. We have greatly improved our capability of independent innovation further. As a result, development, production and launching of a new product can be done in the same year. Concrete Pump was a very good example.

3. Two flame cutting machines were newly introduced , which led to automatic numerical controlled cutting.


1. Our steel structure production base was expanded further. The production capacity reached 200,000 tons.

2. TC7030 tower crane and PT5513 tower crane were successfully put on the market.


1. Shandong Katop Agricultural Machinery Co., Ltd was built.

2. We built a welding assembly line for mian parts so that cutting and robotic automatic welding of mast sections can be finished in a continuous way.

3. We established import and export trading companies in Zibo and Qingdao in Shandong province.


1. A new and large painting and shot blasting production line was introduced, which upgraded our traditional manual painting to automatic painting.

2. We added 6 sets of Panasonic turntable welding robots, which contributed to automatic welding of turntable components


1. We signed a cooperation contract with a Israel top company to work together on a "New Generation Unmanned Intelligent System" project.

2. We successfully developed South America market. We signed a long term cooperation agreement with a Brazil agent.

3. We attended "bauma China 2014-Shanghai international construction machinery exhibition".


1. We won six patents for utility models certificates. One of them was for a kind of equipment used for joint between the stock and the overhead of tower cranes

2.Import procurement automatic high-speed warping machine from Karl Mayer of Germany, greatly improving production speed and capacity.


1.Our production base equipped with assembly workshops was built and put into use. 

2.Our products were exported to Bangladesh, Benin and Morocco.

3.HZS240 concrete batching plant was developed successfully and put in to production.


1.Electric Forklift was developed successfully and put in to production.

2.Plan to invest 50 million dedicated to independent research and development building materials.