Powerful Production Scale and Capacity

Covering an area of 800,000 square meters, our company has one of the largest production bases for construction machinery in the Northern China. The total investment reaches 2 billion RMB. Currently, we have 12 comprehensive workshops in use, 3 office buildings and 5 dormitory buildings, which cover an area of 415,000 square meters in total. We possess over 600 sets of all kinds of modern production equipment. Therefore, we are capable of producing over 12,000 sets of medium and large wheel loader,tower crane, construction hoists and concrete equipment every year. 

Advance Production Equipment and Technology

Our company has gradually developed an established standardized and normalized management mode. We have four international advanced robot welding assembly lines, which ensure automatic welding of mast sections and main limb as well as turntable in tower cranes. As a result, high welding quality and accuracy can be achieved and production efficiency is significantly improved at the same time. We also possess a shot blasting and spaying assembly line. Our products are transferred to the painting room where they get sprayed with priming paint and finished coat after they go through processing of blasting, rust cleaning and eliminating residual stress. In this way, the painted surface achieves higher adhesive force, better appearance quality and longer service time. Furthermore, our two flame cutting machines ensure high precision cutting and improving the whole product quality level.

Impeccable Testing and Quality Assurance System

Quality management is totally conducted in accordance with ISO9001 quality standards and program documents. We have specialized physicochemical rooms, labs and quality inspection department. All materials and parts we use will go through strict inspection before coming into service.

Our testing center is equipped with many advanced testing instruments including raw material analysis meter, ultrasonic fault detector, paint film thickness gauge, numerical control tachometer, optical theodolite, level gauge, precision sound level meter, Leeb hardness tester and resistance instrument. To sum up, superior product quality can be achieved by combination of cutting-edge technology and perfect testing method.

Competitive Raw Material and Purchase Price

Raw materials we use include sheet material and section bar. For best quality, we have been worked with famous enterprises in China such as Baosteel, Jisteel, and Ansteel for many years. In addition, there is no intermediate agent involved, thus reducing production cost fundamentally and then bringing great benefits to our clients. Our raw materials all come with quality certificate. Besides, we are capable of inspecting the materials again to further ensure the quality of raw materials. The major components of our tower crane are made of Q345B manganese steel.

Standard Management

6S on-site management is carried out in our workshops, where there are management and guidance boards. Our employees in workshops are able to discover issues timely and work them out immediately.

Convenient, Rapid and Efficient Logistics Service

Our production base is located close to a port, which is greatly beneficial for export and transportation. As a result, transportation efficiency is significantly enhanced. Our production delivery is conducted strictly in accordance of customers' requirements for delivery date, thereby totally eliminating the trouble we could possibly bring to our customers.

Powerful Research Capacity and Innovative Talents Training Mode

Our company has an independent research and development team, which consists of over 30 research technicians from different professional backgrounds. They carry on technical research together with experts from many well-known institutions such as Shenyang Jianzhu University, Shandong Jianzhu University and Shangsha Construction Machinery Design and Research Institute. In addition, we offer our employees with chances of going out to learn and be trained, aiming at improving team capacity and building a team with high cohesion and sense of mission.