Katop brand has earned acceptance from various customers in the international marketplace. Nowadays, our products have been exported to over 30 countries and regions including Russia, Belarus, Ukraine, Brazil, Nigeria, Mongolia, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Sri Lanka, Vietnam, the united Arab Emirates, India, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia etc. The major reason we can maintain so many customers in different countries at the same time is because we are capable of figuring out what the problems are and coming up with solutions immediately if something wrong happens during delivery.


A construction enterprise in Brazil sent people to visit our company. During their visit to our workshops, they were pretty satisfied with our products and praised our products repeatedly with "very good" and thumps up. Then, we signed a cooperation contact. Up to now, we still keep a cooperative relationship.


An Israel company engaged in high-end drones asked us if we could provide tower crane with unmanned operation feature. Based on their requirements, our technical staff made a market survey. Later, we came to an agreement and signed a cooperation contract to work together on the New Generation Unmanned Intelligent Tower Crane project after a lot of negotiations.


A real estate enterprise from Nigeria placed an urgent order for TC5010 tower crane for some specific project and they demanded us to deliver the crane in 7 days. At that time, we quickly came up with a production plan. At the end, they received the product in time and they were very satisfied.


A Russia company engaged in construction machinery came to us to discuss cooperation issues. It is used to be a cooperative partner of another company in the same industry. After their visit, they thought highly of our automatic production process and our production scale. Finally, we signed cooperation agreements to work together to expand the market of construction machinery in Russia.


A Mongolia company engaged in construction machinery sent a technical team to our company to receive training. Experts from our technical department demonstrated them how to install, dismantle and maintain our products. As a result, they all gained a pretty good understanding of our products with the help of our systematic training.