Generally, our delivery period is 20 days after customers place an order. The time will extended by 15 days if customers need customized products or the purchase quantity is pretty large. Once an order is placed, we will assign professional personnel to track its status.

During production process, we will spare no effort to finish the work of every stage, which include review of design drawing, manufacture supervision and acceptance check. We are able to make sure all the work is well organized before product delivery. Testing and examining of raw materials and products is done strictly complied with relevant standards. We take it seriously to complete routine inspection, manual trial and electric trial. Contracted equipment will be delivered only after we finish production, inspection, data preparation and products pass acceptance.

After passing the acceptance, contracted equipment will be packaged in accordance with technical requirements and corresponding national standards for package. The package is good enough to ensure the equipment stay in good status during transportation and storage. Further, the package is able to withstand humidity, mildew, rain, rust, corrosion, vibration, impact and pollution.

Based on what customers need, we will provide technical guidance related to installation, debugging, operation, and maintenance and quality and safety censorship. In addition, we offer technical documents as well as field supervision service. Certainly, we will take responsibility for the validity of technical guidance and technical documents we provide.