QTZ63 Series TC5610 topless tower crane

  • Model Number:TC5610
  • Certification:CE, ISO
  • Brand Name:KATOP
  • Place of Origin:Shandong, China

Main Features of TC5610 tower crane Series: QTZ63; Model: TC5610; Max.load: 6.0t; Boom length: 56m; Tip load: 1.0t; Free standing height: 40m; Mast section dimension: 1.68x1.68x2.5m;

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Main Features of TC5610 tower crane

  1. Series: QTZ63;

  2. Model: TC5610;

  3. Max.load: 6.0t;

  4. Boom length: 56m;

  5. Tip load: 1.0t;

  6. Free standing height: 40m;

  7. Mast section dimension: 1.68x1.68x2.5m;

Detailed Specification of TC5610 Topless tower crane

Tower Crane (QTZ63 5610) Rated lifting torque
Max. lifting capacityt6
Working rangem3-56
Lifting HeightIndependent40.2
Lifting speedDouble magnificationm/min80/40
Quadruple magnification38/19
Slewing speedr/min0.637
Trolleying speedm/min44/22
Climbing speed0.4
Min. stable descending speed<7
Overall dimensionsFoundation framem8×8
Overall heightIndependent50.892
Jib end to the swiveling center56.17
Balance tip to swiveling center12.39
Total weightStructure weightIndependentt40.49
Total motor capacitykW41.52
Allowed operating temperatureC-20-+40
Power supply parameters50Hz-380V±10%

Tower crane spare parts


Spare parts

1.Most structure of tower crane are made of angle steel, such as mast string,mast member; the material is Q345B(16Mn). 
2. Most components of the tower crane are connected by pins. The pins are produced by special processed combining carburizing, sulfurizing and nitridation. The surface of pins is wear-proof, can be repeatedly assembled and dismantled without deformation.


Spare parts

  Trolley mechanisms use torque motor and planetary reducer placed in the drum. Its features include simple structure, small volume, light weight, stable drive, good speed regulation properties, which enables convenient, flexible, safe and reliable operation as well as easy maintenance.


Spare parts

  The hoisting mechanism is an AC variable-frequency mechanism, realizing complete stepless speed regulation and fully utilizing motor drive property, featured with wide speed-regulating range and high working efficiency. The mechanical transmission applies mature domestic technique, in which the spur gear or bevel gear work reliably, the rope drum adopts a special Z-shaped grooving technique. The mechanism is equipped with complete and reliable security protection, brake logic control system, capable of realizing “suspension” in the air, and overspeed with light load and largely improving efficiency of tower crane. 

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